In the lengthy process of building my home cockpit, I experienced many times, that functionality of components, esp. commercial manufacturerīs so called "plug-and-play"-components, was all too often incomplete. I.e., part of the component in question is only a mock-up or (as aviators would say) "inop".
While "inop" components are part of every day real aviation, they can be easily replaced there or flights can be done according to the MMEL. But itīs different in the sim:
Sometimes I was upset finding out that I only bought a dummy for a high price.
This becomes ever clearer with increasing experience and knowledge of the various aircraft systems and even non-normal operations.
To the contrary, I was recently surprised, when I found, that my rudder trim knob on the cockpitsonic pedestal was working, where I previously thought it was only a mock-up, since there is no real indication, like the CP unit has.
Thatīs why I ask myself if a thread about functionalities of these products would be worthwhile here, where eyeryone can enquire or report on it. Some manufacturers donīt seem to give a bit about correct information to their wannabe customers, certainly not all!
Also, you could give some hints here to probable solutions to make the units functioning the way you want them to be.
Here is a pic of my recent engine failure situation, with right thrust lever closed, left at max thrust, aileron slightly left and trimming the rudder.