Hi all,

Just wondering if anybody can help me to understand/correct a problem I'm experiencing.

I'm running Sim Avionics across a 4 PC network with an FDS MCP and Revolution Simproducts TQ.

The sim is pretty stable but for some reason it's suddenly developed a few consistent errors.

1) Whenever I select Level Change the MCP Speed sets itself to 100 kts rather than pick up the current aircraft speed. This has caused some embarrasing moments!

2) After takeoff, when I go to select an autopilot I get CMD and the lateral mode stays in, but the vertical mode falls out and always drops into "Control Wheel Steering Pitch". This happens even if I relax all pressure on the yoke before selecting the autopilot.

3) My MCP always displays two green 'master' lights when I have the flight directors selected. My understanding was that only the green light on the side of the first FD engaged should illuminate, indicating the master FD. (I guess this could just be a limitation of the software/hardware though)

Any suggestions or insight would be greatfully recieved.