Want to share some pics of my TQ for a small GA twin. Something like a Seneca. Its not finished yet as you can tell but the main mechanical parts are assembled and completed the first test flight. For the most part I used supplies I had on hand and basic hand tools. I did order things like the gears and potentiometers but the rest was available in the shed. It took around a month working out the details and keeping my girl friend happy but I could knock one of this guys out in no time since I know what works and what doesnt. If I were to do another one I definetly would make some improvements but for now I want to finish a couple more items and call it good.

Items I need to finish.

1) Better wire as the phone cable wire seems to be brittle and breaks easy if moved to much. I think a good 22 gauge wire either solid or stranded may work.

2) Mechanical stops for each individual lever. I would like some type of pinch clamp that uses a set screw to secure to the .125 aluminum plates. Have not found it yet so it looks like I will need to make them myself.

3) Handles for the levers. My first attempt I glued to pieces of .500 MDF together. It broke while I was sanding. Funny part is the glue held but another area failed. I will look into using plastic.

4) Still need to build a pedestal and mount this contraption.



TQ 001.jpgTQ 002.jpgTQ 003.jpgTQ 004.jpgTQ 005.JPG