Hi there, Im sure most of you builders who are in the latter stages of your projects will have at some stage arrived at a point where the virtual cockpit was still necessary although you had some but not all of the hardware needed to allow the vc and mouse to left behind and dedicate the monitors to outside view only.I am now entering this phase of my build and would like to know if it is possible to use 3 monitors from a th2go for vc(in conjuction with track ir5) from one port of the gpu and another monitor to show the primrary intruments from the second port.If I were to save such a flight and restart fs would the instruments still show on the fourth monitor.At the moment i'm using windows xp,fs9and pmdg 737ng but eventually will move to win7,fsx and pmdg 737ngx .would the above senario work and if so would it work on both system setups.,regards John.