Hey All,

I'm new here. I am in the early stages of building a Generic Cirrus style
cockpit as real as I can get it. I want it to be generic so as to allow
the use of other aircraft such as twins and small the med jets.

I have a question. Myself and my mate are aiming to build our own
version of the G1000 using the Flight1 software, and hopefully
interfacing via key's to control it. I've not seen any cockpits
done this way with the G1000 and was wondering if there's
a reason why.

Currently we are in CAD design of the G1000 to get the framing system 3D Printed,
so be nice to know we can do this before getting it printed. lol We are using
two 15 inch LCD's as the screen.

Any info would be greatly appreciated on our chances for success
using this method of controlling it (same as all other switches n encoder stuff).