Hi folks,

I posted a question on another thread, so I thought it only polite to do an intro, too. I've loaded up flight sim software a number of times over the years, but am finally deciding to dive in and build something fun.

I have a private license but haven't been active in many years. Although I flew 172's and a Warrior, one of the most exciting things I ever did was fly a full motion Citation sim at the AA training center @ DFW (an AA pilot friend snuck me in late one night ).

So I'm hoping to go with a high performance GA aircraft... a VLJ perhaps and maybe Cirrus SR22 type pit. Single seat. The biggest thing I'm interested in for the moment before settling on the cockpit is the OTW display. I'm fascinated by Wayne and Gene's success on the collimated display, and seriously thinking about taking that on. I would then build the pit to conform to the display. I'm more interested in an immersive and realistic flying experience than trying to replicate a real-world aircraft. In fact, having done some study and work in ergonomics, I think I'll get a kick out of tweaking my own cockpit design. I'm not particularly interested in motion. But the visuals are huge for me. I've already bought some CH products controls and a touch screen for a G1000 emulation.

Anyhow, I'm excited to move forward and enjoy the ride. I've been quite impressed to, with the knowledge exchange on here and am grateful to have found it.