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    Love of Flying (Video)

    Thought I would post this link to youtube.

    In 1977, the Confederation College of Applied Arts and Technology decided to do a 10 minute snapshot of a company called On Air Limited located in Thunder Bay Ontario, Canada.

    I think you will find it interesting, especially clips of the Saunders ST-27.

    The ST-27 was built by the Saunders Aircraft Corporation started in Gimli Manitoba (Canada).

    They basically took the old 4 engine Heron and 'remanufactured' it by extending the fuselage and putting 2 PT6-34 engines on it. (de-rated to -27 power settings...but you could go to the -34 setting if you needed that extra push)

    The Control surfaces were still fabric covered, and the landing gear was made out of magnesium!

    This particular model was serial met it's fate on a cold winter night in Dryden ontario, when a lone Mechanic was working by himself changing a boost pump in the left wing tank. (In those days you had to drain the fuel out of the tank prior to pump change)

    A regular 60 watt trouble light, that had long since lost its safety guard, fell to the ground and broke, igniting the residual fuel on the tarmac which in turn heated up the (now empty) wing, and exploded.

    The fire was so intense that it actually melted the airframe structure.

    Luckily no one was hurt.

    On Air Limited had options for the ST-28 which was going to be built from 'scratch' and pressurized to 2.5 psid...but the company went under before they launched.

    It was quite the aircraft...the cockpit was so small that you could barely fit a can of coke between the pilots.

    The landing gear, brakes, and flaps were all driven by air. (two compressors).

    The only hydraulic system on the aircraft was the window wipers!

    Also you never wanted to do a gear up landing in this thing......

    The crew of another ST-27 circled attempting to lower the right main gear as it would not lock down. After some time, the crew elected to land with the left and nose gear extended.

    Everything was great until the right wing settled to the ground, at which point the aileron control wheel slammed full right pinning the first officers leg to the seat! (the aileron counter-balance hung underneath the aileron surface for purpose of 'mass balance' which contacted the runway forcing the right aileron full 'up').

    Please enjoy!
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