I am reflecting back on 2011 and all of the things that made me shake my head in disbelief and say "how does that work"!.

I give full kudos to Leo Bodnar. His CANbus engine gauge setup is one of the things that changed my whole outlook on sim building and the direction I decided to take 2 years ago.

One has to see this set up to believe it. It's clean (wires), and the soldered components look like they were made in a factory...absoulutley no flaws.

Although I don't have the full package as of yet, I know that he will be back "online" one day and we will be all back in business. I only hope that he offers this on his website in "kit" form.

In my mind, there are enough simmers and spare aircraft parts (ebay) just begging to be re-cycled for our usage. I think there is a market here...a very very big one.

I know....most of you like the "glass" cockpit look....but there is no better feeling, or thrill to watch real steam gauges come to life...this my friend....is as real as it gets.