Hello All and happy new year.
I am currently building a generic twin cockpit and have a quad core pc with an Nvidia gt450 card and a second pentium 4 pc with an on board graphics card.
I have the main picture on a projector and the second output from the quad core going to a seperate screen for the instrument panel ( undocked and dragged to it). I use the pentium pc to run a sat nav program view peter dawsons wide fs. I have added a data transfer switch between output two from the quad core and the output of the pentium machine so that I can switch between dual instrument panels and on instrument panel on the left and a sat nav on the right.

When I have the switch set to give dual instrument panels ie one left one right the picture is fine but as soon as I switch to get instruments on the left and sat nav on the right the left hand monitors image looks like it shifts very slightly to the right giving a blurred image.

Does anyone have any idea of how this can be resolved or is it something quite common when using switches? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Main machine - vista home premium 64 bit Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400 2.66ghz
(RAM): 4,000 MB Hard Drive Capacity: 1,000 GB
Nvidia 9800GT 1024mb DDR3 Graphics Card - Second machine hp pentim 4 3.0 ghz processor