I'm in the planning phase of my ERJ145 LR Simulator.
No i am wondering where to find a gool solution for the software.

I know PM has a very nice regional jet edition, but it is not suitible for the erj i think because the MFD has some importand functions that the PM one does not have. Also i was thinking to use the Feelthere ERJ V2 version, a very nice one.

Thank setup all the switches on a leo bodnar cars and link them via fsuipc with mouse macro's to the panels displayed on a hidden screen. No i am whondering if i can undock the pfd and mfd two times and if it is possible to get the eicas undocked on a screen.

I'm also aware that i can set the display for the FO copyed from the CPT one, but than the pfd and mfd are mirrored for the fo.

does anyone has a good option to work with.

does anyone also has the drawings for the panels that i can get / buy?

Kindly regards,

Rick Winkelman