Hello All,

Currently i am building a cockpit with Flyengravity Hardware and Prosim. For outside views and had 3x 27" screens connected on Triplehead to go. Unfortunately there is a iron 15cm bar exactly in the middle of my middle screen just where the runway is.....because of my construction for overhead. I tried a shortthrow beamer but 3 beamers wont fit in my room and cause shadows as well. So I was thinking: just buy cheap 50" Plasma's! My collegue said: yes with 3D! Ok...let's look into that....I have been looking for 2 days but cannot find the information or people with experience on that...hopefully someone can point me in the right direction..

a) is FSX and 3D Nvidia Vision (ver 2?) advised ? (I also have to look down to see instruments on 2D screens)
b) Matrox triple head cannot do 3D I read, correct ?
c) Nvidia surround gaming can do with two gtx580 (in sli?) 3D and surround gaming at the same time ?
d) will this work in Full HD mode on three 51" plasma screens ?
e) I read about checkboardmode and that most screens do not support that only Samsung 7000/8000 series? anyone familiar with that ?

Actually I hope for this advice: don' t do 3D, because I think It will probably take me weeks to find out: better without. Point is: price difference 3D or non 3D is not a lot...depending on tv... If 7000 serie samsung really needed this Is Biigggggg price difference 300% per tv....

Thanks for replying and please specify you own experience with current available 3D technics and FSX.