cannot find relevant thread - but sure it is here somewhere - so sorry for the repeat

I have been using SIOC and OC stuff for a year or so and all went OK but project (ATR) to be abandonded due to lack of variabel to control primary functions

I have level d 767 installed in FSX and working OK
sdk demo panels work ok and seem conected

FSX in H:\program files\microsoft\fsx\
SIOC in c:\program files (x86)\IOCards\SIOC
(all been ok wioth prev project)

lekseecon in c:\program files (x86)\lekseecon\

load fsx and 767 flight
load sioc having compiled parking brake.txt into sioc.ssi - and reload

lekseecon.ini = HOSTADDRESS=
CONFIG_FILE=C:\Program Files (x86)\IOCards\SIOC\sioc.ssi

this is fsx computer, & port set in SIOC.ini for client 1

this brings up lekseecon 8.1 but shows no connection to sdk or iocp server

i have done nothing with the sdk .h progs etc
what have i missed out???
I want to build a simple 1 switch setup like park brake just so i understand the connections then I'm away - No OC P&P modules in use just usb expansion, master, display2 etc

Sorry for being stupid