Hi Everyone!!

So i finally did it, and took the first step to actually building my cockpit and not just planning it, and purchased the Overhead kit. I've decided i'm going to run it with the OpenCockpits IOCards, as i'm working to a budget.

So i've started putting it together and got abit stuck!! So i have a few questions.

I have 2 types of rotary switches:
- 2x 12 way 1 pole.
- 7x 6 way 2 pole.
Do i need to replace with some 8 position switches, and if not where do the 2x 6way switches go?
The next problem is there is a double pole mon-off-mon switch does this need to go somewhere special?
If i'm using the IOcards do i have to replace the 100k pots with 10k pots?
There are 2 grey rotary encoders (i think) will i need to replace these with the CTS288 for the IO cards?

thanks everyone, will post some pictures as soon as i find a camera.