I have a dud OpenCockpits MCP737 here that's been lying on my shelf for over a year. I haven't been able to diagnose it, but here's what happened:

The unit was in good shape and has been used for 6 months, with external adapter for a power supply. However, when I plugged it in one day I failed to notice the reverse polarity on the 5VDC adapter, causing the unit to cease all but some signs of life.

For some reason the PIC did seem to function to a certain extent: It continued to try to register as an USB device but kept failing to do so. Therefore, I wonder what was actually damaged in the MCP and whether or not it can be repaired.

If it's a faulty PIC, the replacement is fairly straightforward, but I want to rule out the possibility of any other components (like the demuxers and LED drivers) being damaged.

Are there any schematics on the MCP737? I have enough expertise and tools here to pretty much rebuild the unit from scratch, but I do need some information on it if I want to conduct repairs.

Oh, and if I fix it, I won't forget to add the obvious upgrade of a diode and a fuse in the circuit.