Here is a small power point presentation I made up using some info materials I found on the web about check flights. There is no audio overlay, since you will probably have to pause the presentation to read carefully all contents, so no noisy background on-off.
The film reproduces simplistically the different checks that are done in flight, and I plan to do a video in my sim that might give a little more "live feeling" than the mere words here (which tend to be boring, I know).
I made this film because I was - and still am - following the pprune discussion on the AF447 threads about the unfortunate stall. I believe there is a major issue with this accident that will change simulator training of airline crews in the future. Check flights do not probe the abilities of the pilots, however, they probe the airframe abilities, i.e. the performance. Aircraft and flight crew abilities interfere due to cockpit design and ergonomics and human behaviour. Check flight pilots need to be registered by the appropriate authorities and must meet superior abilities.
I started out by trying to test my POSKY model and collected the various parameters needed to make a doghouse chart, which depicts the individual aircraft´s flight envelope (a 787 doghouse chart made from test aircrafts Z001- Z006 and Z012 can be found here: I think, within MS flight simulator, there are some limitations to this. E.g. there seems to be no variability of stall speed with altitude. Max Mach numbers however, do change with altitude. I have not tested other models (PMDG, ifly etc.) as of yet.
I think, aircraft add-on software developers for MS FS should consider these performance related issues in the future.
I know, there are some people around here, that are much more familiar with the conduct of check flights and aircraft performance than I am. Please correct and contribute to this thread.