Maybe I was slow on the uptake here, but I just discovered FaceTrackNoir (through some reading in the PMDG forum). Now, I already own TrackIR and won't be using it in my full cockpit, but... I was looking for a face tracking solution that works via the webcam so that I can get the full use of the NGX with EZCA on my laptop when I am not at home.

That program is great! It took a little bit of reading to download the necessary files but now, I am able to use my laptops built in webcam to track my face and move my head around in the VC as if I was wearing/using TrackIR. Nothing else needed other than a webcam (and a face)!

It appears that the NGX is going to get a lot of use when I'm away from my sim!

For those that want to try it out:

Download the following from: (The full installer)
Update4_20101103 (the update to 1.30 that contains the FS9 and FSX ini files)
Update5_20110301 (the latest update)

Request a non commercial license for FaceApi from Seeing Machines here:
They will send you an email with the download link to the installer

Download the latest version of the TrackIR software from NaturalPoint
All you need from this is the TIRviews.dll file that gets copied to the FaceTrackNoir install directory.

Once done... fire up FaceTrackNoir and load the SIMCONNECT.INI for FSX or the FS2004.INI for FS9 (FS9 requires FSUIPC).

-Click on start and it should fire up your webcam and show your face... then you will see the tracking algorithm overlay on your eyes, nose and mouth.

That should do the trick... fire up the sim!