Hi All.

I recently acquired 3 GoFlight Modules from a friend (GF-LGTII, GF-P8 and GF-T. I'm using GFkeys as I am a Aces High / IL-2 / Lock-On simmer as opposed to a MSFS or XPlane person. GFKeys works just great, but the LEDs on the LGTII do not work for the landing gear. I downloaded the SDK with the intention of creating a simple VB or VC++ program that could interface with the LGTII, monitor the state of the gear switch and change the LEDs to be on when the gear is down (similar to what some of the MSFS software from GoFlight or FSUIPC does...but much simpler of course). The problem is the SDK is very old and the library doesn't seem to support the newer LGTII.

So here are my questions:

1.) anyone know of a library in any language that can help me interface with the LGTII?

2.) baring that...has anyone heard of someone writing a program to do what I am attempting?

Any help would be appreciated.