Hello Boys and Girls (I hope there are many of the latter too in here sharing the same cockpit interests, as they are in the real aviation world..)

This is Bigis40!. My real name is Alexandros.
Pleased to have found this site (by pure luck I must admit), while googling for FMC training material. I downloaded the Smiths Tutorial for the 737 and intend to hardly study it although what I am really looking for is a standalone FMC PC-based simulator trainer software without needing to install a full flight-sim package so as to be able to exercise on one. Is there anything you could advise about? (Except of course the precise but very expensive PM software which of course is very hard to acquire..)

Anyway, I am an apprentice pilot and I fancy the 747-400 which is actually the aircraft am studying about (Ok, perhaps this is not the correct plane to start with you will say and youre right, but I do have some kind of fatal attraction to this one so...) as deep as I possibly can with all resources that can be available..

I am sure I will gen a great deal of knowledge from here in and that I will enjoy my membership to the fullest extent.

Once again..
Greetings From Athens-Greece!