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    BU0836 and diode problem

    I'm wiring up my CH non-pro throttle and ran into a weird problem with wiring buttons. I'm daisy-chaining the rows since 6 of the buttons have 4 pins exposed. The 3 front finger buttons works fine but when I connect the 3 thumb buttons on the throttle to the front finger buttons, they are behaving oddly. 1 thumb button won't come on or very intermittently, 1 thumb button won't come on unless another thumb button is held down, 1 thumb button works.

    If I take out all the diodes, all the buttons light up but suffer from some ghosting problem if I hold down 3 or 4 buttons at the same time. Drawing attached. Also, I have a non-pro CH pedal that have 2 pot for each side. Is it possible to hook them up so it will only take up 1 3-pin instead of 2?
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