737 - Project V3!

Well, instead of hiding behind my handle, My name is Lee Elcocks, not a new comer to flight simming, but Ive got a few failed attempts under my belt.

Things just didnt go right on our last attempts, lack of space, lack of knowledge, lack of money!!

But simming with one PC and 1 Monitor just did not satisfy, so we are back at it! this time with a firm budget plan, and the promise that this time we are not going to rush anything, Start one bit - finish it, then move onto the next. I'm in this with my flight simming collegue Ian Hayes, and one thing we want this project to remain is Fun, and we trying to convey that in our Website 737shed.co.uk where our aim is to be as informative as possible about our build, but at the same time raise a few smiles! Overhead is our first big buy, we aim to have this installed and working by end of summer - Fingers crossed! Website will be updated when we have time, which may not be as regular as we'd like it to be, but damn everyday life gets in the way!!!