Hello All

Good to be able to share similar interests with you all.

I've been an Aircraft of all types, although primarily WWII 'Warbirds', enthusiast for quite a while. My first simpit build was on the family farm & consisted of some hardwood nailed together to form rudder pedals with wire trailing back to two nails hammered into either side of a hardwood rudder ...anyway, as a kid I was mighty proud of my aircraft re-creation ...logged my first 'Solo Flight' time using that good old hardwood low altitude flyer lol.

Anyway, years pass but interests remain. I'll post some pics of my more recent F4U Mockpit & then my latest plans for a new build Focke Wulf FW 190 A teaser...if you reckon, like all of us, I was excited about my first build, well this FW is going to win my first prize for me ...you'll see why soon! .

Cheers N Beers

Sikshoota aka Sik