Dear all,

1st let me say what a plesure it has been to read through the many pages of advice and tips given amongst the community and how helpful everyone has been with there time and effort in helping others.

I have been following flight sim for sometime and am now interested in pursuing my own 737 flight sim, I have bought a new rig to cope with the demands of FSX and now plan on acquiring some hardware, I have lent towards buying a FSC 737 throttle quad and a poldrasgonet MIP fully rigged out, I also plan on buying a projector, this whole package as a basic start and then in turn add bits over time from there, 

As far as I understand this is all a plug and play kind of system without any form of interface card, however as a software interface can I still programme these to my flight sim without the need for project magenta?

Any words of wisdom or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,