Hi all sure was nice to find this site. I had a small program i had downloaded from flight sim .com that was designed to have the no smoking and seatbelt switches start a cabin message along with the cabin alert sounds. works great and any message or cabin annoucement can be renamed and used instead of the default provided. Now thinks I, this will be nice in the airbus fleet as well. Install the program in an Airbus A319 set and select one of the airplanes. yes the background bitmap is there so I'm in buissness right----wrong. after many gauge changes trying different seatbelt/no smoking switches from my gauge files. nope so now what?.OK NEW IDEA and a short while later the 319 has two overheads one default and the other from the B737-800. Oh I'm using FSX. Now it works fine from the boeing panel. So i went to google and did a search which lead to this site. I looke in your forum and a lady had posted a message about background sound with the seatbelt and no smoking switches. Pete Dowsen i think replied with a bit of a technical explanation and as a result i can now use this app in any plane etc because the two switches have been given keyboard assignments. thank you for your help during my first visit. ALL THE BEST RON