Hi all

Im working on the TQ of the JS41 and I have a mechanical problem. Hope someone has a great idea to help..

1) The throttle lever shall have something like a preferred position if in idle position or ground start.. I mean, if ur landing and u just want to push ur levers to idle without having to watch where u exactly pull them, u know what I mean?

2) Condition lever.. Theres a range for flight betw 96%-100%, another position (74%) for taxi and ground ops. To get it to feather pos, u have to push a button after the taxi pos, otherwise mechanically u cant get below the taxi pos.

I thought of eventually buying the throttle of Aerosim, but I will still face these two items and at the time being I have no good solutions to them

Can anyone help with ideas or maybe a nimce sketch?

Thx in advance!

Cheers, Omar.