Hi all simmers
I would just like to introduce my self to you
My name is Dave Muir and i live and work in Scotland ,at the moment i currently
employed at Edinburgh airport as an aircraft technician caa licensed b1 and b2
engineer .I have been working on aircraft both rotary and fixed wing civillian and
in the royal airforce for the last 30 years
i have been flying on line for the last 3 years with vatsim and have 43 hours done
with 10 hours solo on the cessna and diamond katana at perth airfield in scotland
towards my private pilots licence.
i have now decided to build a 737 sim -i understand there is a lot to learn and i am
willing to accept all ideas that i can put towards the build i look forward to hearing
from any one who can help and many thanks for your time in reading my first message
cheers for now