Hello folks

I am using the 1064 - PhidgetMotorControl HC to turn my trim wheels on my TQ with FSX.

I have two RB350040-00101 12V motors, and I am using a PC power supply unit 12V connection to drive the card. The sticker on the PSU says 12V and 18 AMPs.

When connecting the motors direct to the PSU - motors work constantly and with lots of power.

When hooking them to the card and rotating the trim wheels in the FSX - I get some movement, but very week and it looks as it comes in waves. This happens also if I remove the chain from the motor to let it run freely.

Since the card is rotating the wheels - I guess the issue is either current or something I am doing wrong.

I use DVATX for the logic.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks