i have a motorized throtlle from Simparts. It was working for many months with Fs2Phidgets ver 4.3.8 (or7), and i never had to config and worked with Fs2Phidets software, as it came ready to run from Simparts. As i'm working in my overhead with Sioc, i didn't know to program Fs2Phidgets and throttle was running without problems, except the spoiler motion issue. By my mistake i let windows to make an update and many updates have installed and caused Fs2P not running (some ocx errors).

So i installed new Fs2Phidgets ver5, everything is running normal (without ocx errors) and it recognises my 3 phidgets cards, they are connected to throttle.

After many hours reading the manual of version5, i managed to make Flaps working and calibrate the values.

Then i tryed to setup throttle levers, spoilers etc. But i didn't make it. Why?
I don't know the logic of the program, how it connect the relations.

I made and analog input and i assign it to phdgets component 4 and then to FsInput Engine Lever2.
When i move throttle's lever2 it also moves the Fs's lever2, but in idle position the FS's lever is in reverse position. I didn't manage to setup the min and max positions so to stop at 0 value. Also i din't manage to send the maximum values to Fs when moving the Throttle's lever to full position.

Is it possible to have some answers, or any help for what to do? Maybe some xml's projects as examples, already made for throttle will help.
I also sent to Alan my old ini files, in case he can help with them.

Please help, i have my 737 grounded at hangar, it can't fly without throttle