Hi all, I finally got to play with my "now awsome working" setup and lined up for takeoff and the "new" computer just froze and **** itself Talk about ya bad runs. I tried to restart the computer and it wouldn't. I guessed it was a video card problem as I'm running 2 x 1 gb HD5760 and a few times in the past weeks, I have noticed it freezes and comes back with a error message stating it has auto recovered from something. I guess this time it didn't. To test my theory I pulled out 1 video card and tried to turn on the computer again, the computer started. I then swapped it out for the other one and the computer tried to start and just stopped dead. So it looks like a faulty 5760 card, which is not uncommon with 5xxx cards. I'ts getting replaced as we speak under warranty.

That was just for curious minds! My real question is, will the ATI HD5760 work ok with the TH2GO digital edition? This is something I should have checked along time ago but I just assumed a card of that nature would work no probs. If for some strange reason they don't , now is the time I should be swapping them out for something that will and maybe even back to Nvidia while one HD5760 is headed back under warranty.

Thankyou peeps