Without going into great detail I am unable to use the FS2Phidgets program that Alan made anymore. I had been using it to operate my TQ which is a duoe of the 737, the only thing that does not work on it (before the problem) are the trim tabs. I have since switched to MArty's Prosim 737, but unfortunately it has no provision for running a TQ. My TQ has a phidgets 8/8/8 card in it. Can anyone suggest or recommend a software program that will help me to run my TQ that will NOT cost me an arm, a leg, and my first born. I'm am a computer dunce so SIOC is out. Any suggestions or help will be greatly appreciated. By the way ALan Dyer was as helpful as he could be but things just wouldn't work. This all happened after I installed a new Phidgets LED 64 card. It screwed up all my assignments (lost them all) and so that's why I switched to Marty's Prosim 737 suite. Thanks Dave