Hi All

Well I am about to purchase my next add-on to my sim pit which is the CDU/FMC. Now I know there are two types around that being the Flyengravity FMC which has the built in graphics card but this is a little out of my price range. The other being the Flight Deck Solutions FMC which plugs into your exsisting graphics card. I have an opportunity to buy a Pro M Boeing 737 CDU FMC and I want to know if anyone else is using one and how have they connected it up to their system. I currently have the one PC with one graphics card and both of the ports are being used so can I fit another card and then plug the FMC into that and will that work???

The other question I have is; if I am using a different aircraft, I am currently flying the Jetstream 4100 before I start on the 737ng project, can I use it in that program.

Cheers in advance