I'm using SIOC and my IOCards to interface with AST A320 experience, but I have some problems. The problem is that SIOC doesn't assign the value of the variable correctly, because it just assign the lower 8 bits and the 8 higher bits never get assign (a variable just takes values from 0 to 253, not higher than that).

Here is my code:

Var 1100, Link FSUIPC_OUT, Offset $4850, Length 2
Var 2000, name EF_P_CSTR, Link IOCARD_SW, Input 0, Type P // EFIS Piloto CSTR
v1100 = 4111

Instead of writing a 4111 to v1100 it writes a 15.

I figure it out this problem using the SKD tool, my IOCards work correctly just having trouble reading values higher than 254.

That somebody knows what going on?