Hello to all,

Well, I am where a lot of you have been and a lot will be. Iíve started planning for a 747 cockpit. Now, I am fine with the mechanical part and electrical. But the more I read about I/O cards the worse it gets, when I think I found the right one, then the price is just the double or it is an old design which is superseded by a newer one.

Maybe I just didnít look at the right place on the forum but I couldnít find a post where all the info was summarized so since I was planning to do this anyway, so might as well make it available for everyone here once completed.

The idea is simple,
Qty required for a build
Qty of I/O and types of I/O
USB or RS232Ö
Cost & currency
Option to put it together yourself or readily available (level of difficulty to built)
Where they are available since this might have an impact on cost due to the exchange rate and shipping,
Easy to interface with the software
Dedicated / multiple PC to run these or not.
Power required
Would you pick this card again?

You get the picture by now.

If people could just post their info of what they have in their sim or what they have researched then Iíll try to get in under a simple format easy to interpret for confused mind like mine!