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    Software Platforms


    Over the years, have followed the discussions, laments, whines, and opinions on the question of cockpit software (PM, PMDG, SA, etc) and all the ancilliary stuff and various hardware vendors for boards and parts. In every case it seems that Microsoft and all its versions is the platform (PC) of choice.

    Call me a contrarian, but have been running my pit with Linux from the gitgo and open source (can you say free) software such as OSG and FlightGear. Have approached any number of vendors with the idea of creating Linux drivers and apps for their hardware and in ALL cases the response has been a polite no or dead silence. (Perhaps it will be the same with this email)

    At any rate, you can run a cockpit sim with Linux apps and software. The performance is superior (frame rate in excess of 75fps) on a single CPU PC. My current setup is a dual core 64 bit machine (fps > 130) running the ENTIRE ( and I do mean ENTIRE 737NG aircraft ) pit and have just added a control force loading system for the pitch and roll channels.

    It does require a bit of a learning curve ( IMHO installing Linux is easier than MS and the support is better ), but once over that hurdle the flexibility and control you gain down the road is well worth the effort.

    Again, I'm very interested in trying to understand the communities thoughts on the matter and why there is not a larger use of Linux by simmers. Feedback would be greatly appreciated.


    PS. early pic of the 737 setup attached. Dont know if posting with an attachment is poor etiquitte on this forum, please advise. If so, my apologies, it won't happen again
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