cutting to the chase...

For pics you need to visit the FlightGear website (www.flightgear.org) and browse over to the the project page for the 747 project. (http://www.flightgear.org/Projects/747-JW) The pics are dated and lots of changes since then, but you get the idea.

In 2008 my company delivered a 737NG sim to NASA (www.lfstech.com). This year we're shutting down operations, but not dropping out. As is evident, the platform of choice is Linux. There are some strong technical reasons for the use of Linux.

Once we settle a few licensing issues the software (pretty much a complete 737 and 747) will be offered free. the only caveat is that if won't work with MS or any of the current suite of hardware and software MS based addons. To that end, will work with any adventurous soul wanting to try a different tack to flight simulation.

By way of a quick personal bio -- several years in the Air Force flying fighters, advanced degrees in aero/astro, worked at CalTech/JPL, ran the avionics software development for the B-2 at Northrop, and just love flying and anything associated with it.

Located in So California, all are welcome to come by and play with the setup. Always interested in talking with fellow simmers and sharing.