I am building a stick based on THIS design. I have started this project in anticipation that the hall sensors arrive soon. Realistically, the stick can be 95% built before the sensors need to be installed so I may as well get on with it!

Ok, all buttons are soldered and connected. I am using the B0386X board at the moment and the connection is ugly and a hassle as each button will need to be reconnected to the board when I assemble it. I am going to have a shot at using some sort of plug rather than the mess you see before you. Am a novice with this kind of stuff so connector advice would be welcomed.

Below is the handle completely rewired:

Next is an overall shot of all of the bits sans the mounting box which I haven't started yet:

Finally, the magnets and the uni-joint I may be using... The steering rod I purchased came with two, with the one pictured here being the smaller, but easier mounted of the two:

More updates soon (I hope)...