I have the BUO836X Bodnar Board, and I am using the FSUIPC utility to set my switches and Potentiometers up for my simpit.

I am having trouble with the computer recognizing more than 5 connected pots. I currently have four throttle connections, one spoiler connection, and one flap connection. They are connected as follows:

throttle 1: 'GND/Z/5V'
throttle 2: 'GND/RX/5V',
throttle 3; 'GND/RY/5V',
throttle 4: 'GND/RZ/5V',
Spoilers: 'GND/SLD/5V'
flaps: 'GND/DIAL/5V'.

The problem is this..I hooked all the pots up and began to configure them in FSUIPC. I did the throttles first then the spoiler, then when I got to the flaps..the pot would not register in the axis assignment. (I hit 'rescan' and moved the pot, but it would not register in the axis assignment at all).

I thought at first I wired it improperly...I even moved it to a different input axis on the Bodnar board, but no joy.

My next step was to disconnect the flap pot input and move the spoiler pot input from 'GND/SLD/5V' to the previous flap location of 'GND/DIAL/5V'. To my relief, the input worked so I was confident that it was not a hardware problem.

WIth the spoiler pot still connected to 'GND/DIAL/5V' .I reconnected the flap pot to 'GND/SLD/5V'. Again, FSUIPC would not recognize the conneciton.

I then disconnected the spoiler pot from 'GND/DIAL/5V', reconnected the system, and the flap pot was now recognized at the 'GND/SLD/5V' input location.

So you can see from the above troubleshooting, my problems begin when I try to connect that 6th pot.....in other words the system is only recognizing a total of 5 connected pots for some reason.

The Bodnar board seems to check out OK...all the pots check out OK. I did read something on the forum about FSUIPC or FS9 not recognizing more than 5 pots at one time (?)...but the thread did not have enough information to satisfy my problem.

I have tried to disconnect/reconnect, and even re-boot the computer, but I cannot seem to get this thing to recognize that last connected flap pot!...

What am I doing wrong here?