i am having a problem with the a321 defult fsx,the problem is i have set up my network
and filanlly shared all the files and every thing is ok exept for the flap configuration.

i have set the flap configuration file of the aircraft ( a321 fsx defualt)
the same as the type file in the mcdu softwere for the a321

know this is what is happening if i do not not open the mcdu softwere the flaps work ok on the ecam
and i have no problems

but if i open the mcdu softwere the flap indicator will not show the position (green line)or the number of position(1,1+f,2,3,4)
at starters it will start to work ok but after 3 secons it dissaparers
if i reload the ecam (GC)it will show the right position and number then it will vanish showing only 0
i have tryed every thing!!!!
can someone tell me what aircraft they us with fsx and PM