Hello, everyone,

I'm new to the board and have been searching in vain for the answer to question regarding the field of view in FS2004. After mainy long years I finally purchased the Matrox TH2GO Digital edition for my computer, to get that truely immersed feeling. I have gotten the unit setup and everything is working okay, but I do find in FS2004, while in the virtual cockpit, that I don't like the FOV that I'm getting. The problem, it doesn't seem matter how far I zoom out I can barely see the instrument panel. In FSX this doesn't seem to be a problem, I can zoom out to about 50 and see a good portion of the instrument panel and surrounding cockpit. In FS2004 even if I manually zoom out to 25, in most aircraft I'm just seeing the top of the glare shield and sometimes the tops of the first row of instruments. I would like to be able to see more of instrument and cockpit. Now I do have Trackir so it's not a huge deal. The outside view is fantastic while in VC, but I would really like to see more instrument panel and surrounding cockpit.

From what i've found looking around the various forums is that FSX handles this well once the config file is edited for widescreen=true (or what ever the actual words are) this seems to fix the vertical aspect ratio, but I can't find a simlar fix for FS2004. I've tried moving the eyepoint up, down and back and this doesn't seem to be the answer either, unless you like flying form the back seat and looking through your seat. Any answers out there would be greatly appreciated? Maybe there is no answer, and this is just the way it is...

Oh yeah forgot to mention I' running three Samsung 2253BW LCDs at 5040 x 1050 (3 x 1680 x 1050).

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System specs and don't laugh she's an old machine:
ASUS P4P800e Deluxe with P4 3.4 overclocked to 3.7
4 Gig OCZ Dual Channel Platinum DDR
Sapphire HD3850 AGP
Creative Audigy ZS Platinum Gamer
Windows XP
3 x Samsung 2253BW