Hi everyone,

I just picked up the B737 G-Throttle and have it working great in my sim except I can not figure out how to get the offsets to work for the TOGA and A/T disconnect switches with my FlightDeckSystems MCP. I have the registered version of FSUIPC 3.98 and I use FS2004. I also use the Boeing PM series software.

For some reason when I put in the offset for the TOGA using "Offset Byte Set" of 050A Bit 0, it does nothing. In fact when I rescan the switch it comes back as x0032 Bit x00. Not sure why it won't set nor why it won't activate the TOGA command. I have also tried 04F2 Bit 121 for the TOGA command and that will not set nor activate the command. I have tried 0808 and 080C offsets as well to no avail.

So I guess my questions is... is there a way to program the switches on the TQ to activate the TOGA and disconnect the A/T even though I have a hardware MCP? And if so, what offsets worked for you?

Thanks in advance,