Hello Folks

Tried the Phidgets 8/8/8 and DVATX on fs9 - all good - works like a charm on the FS offsets.

Now when trying to hook into the FSX (default 737-800) via PM (PMSYSTEMS) - I get trouble.

Parking brake - works fine.

Managed to do CUT_OFF 1 - with PMs offset 561A which is controlling FS offset 0890 - all good I see the lever move in PMSYSTEMS.

When trying CUT_OFF 2 - nothing happens. Tried lots of variations - Nada.

My question is: What offsets do we need to put into the INI file on DVATX/FS2P, the FS or the PM ones ?

If it the PM ones - how can we manage the BITS since for the cut-offs the PM offset is the same, the only diferrence is the BIT.

Fiddled with this all day

Thank you