I also posted this on the WideView Forum but thought I'd take a shot here as well.

I recently installed WideView on two Win7 computers but just can't get the client to sync well with the server. I have tried many different Configure settings as well as the Default settings.

The server is an I-5 750 on a Gigabyte board that will easily run 50-60 fps and the client is an E8500 on a EVGA 690i that runs just a bit slower; I have them both set to 33 fps. I use an older Buffalo router but both client and server are attached to a new high-speed D-link switch. I tried a Linksys switch just to test and there was no difference.

When I look at the statistics in Configure on the server I'm typically getting 800-900 WV cycles per second but often only sending 15-20 packets per second, sometimes much lower. Is this typical or does high cycles per second and low packets per second mean the server somehow chokes getting out network packets?

I use a utility called Currport to see what ports are open. As per WV instructions I initially set the server & client to socket 8000 but one or the other (can't remember which) would not open an 8000 UDP port. I changed both server and client to socket 8002 and got an 8002 UDP connection on both server and client. Under this scenario info line at the top of the screen (in windowed mode) flashes back and forth between "1 Client Connected" and "Waiting for a Connection".

I note there were several FSX ports (UDP and TCP) open on both the server and client, numbered between 8000 and 50000 (e.g. 45678 ). Is it normal to have several ports open?

To experiment I set both client and server to socket 45000 but that did not work at all. I don't know much about ports but I thought I could just set a corresponding port on each computer and they would connect if available.

I think my computers are powerful enough but it seems my server has a real problem sending out network packets? I would appreciate any help or suggestions as I really want this system to work. Is this possibly a Gigabyte board issue?