Hello to all,

Thanks to this sight and other sites I finally got the nerve to order my MIP and OVR HD sets from poldragonets with no electronics.

I am a actual 737 pilot for SWA, thou I see the airplane on a regular basis, I still have it in my heart to hangout with my sim. It actually was a helpful resource in my training over the years,
So thanks Matt Olieman and others for all u have done in making it possible to build on
this network of great sim builders all OVER THE WORLD.
With All That Said,
My first line of attack is setting up MIP, so I am getting ready to purchase the MIP737 and I dont have the CPFlight MCP737, I had already
been flying with the Goflight MCPPro interfaced with PMDG. I looked on the CPflight website and
It said MIP737 board requires CP FLight MCP737 or Blkbox to operate. Looking at Ian's website
and the files he offers to get around Flightsimlab drivers, along with providing a list of what the card provides to the MIP, do i have to purchase MCP737 or Blkbox to operate the MIP737 card to interface with PMDG. Just checking before I make the wrong purchase seeing that interfacing the PMDG is challenging.
Any help would gladly be appreciated.