I guess I should finally say hello.

I live on the south coast of England, just a few miles from where EGDP used to be - where the olympic sailing will be held for anyone who wants a clue.

I am currently building my third pit, an 737NG using Engravity/CPFlight/ACE/Revolution hardware, PM software, and FS2004.

Pit one and two were desktop setups, and paved the way for pit three which will be the real deal.

Having learned from previous builds that keeping it flyable is the key I plan to build in stages:

Stage one is just about done: a single yoke, quadrant and desktop MIP/MDF stand with a monitor for visuals.

Stage two will be radios and second yoke/pedals so I can get flying online with a second officer.

Stage three will be overhead, and shell (nothing fancy, just an MDF box - I am aiming towards function, not a perfect copy of the real thing).

Visuals (stage 4) will have to wait until I move house and find a bigger home for my pit...

I'll post some pictures when the yoke and TQ arrive.