Heya everyone,

I'm quite a new face around here. regardless, I'd like to share with you all a special Project that I've been undertaking for months now.

I am building a full size Boeing 747-400 Pedestal. It will feature a mix of working and dummy units (I have actually already installed the first few).

You can track the progress here, please see the very first post for all info, and the very last post for the current status:


As you can see, progress is smooth. I would also really appreciate if you guys could attatch some of the "747 Pedestal Supporter" Signatures to your current sig (they can be found on the first post). Of course it's optional, but I really like extra support - It's all good.

Anyway, please post your thoughts/comments/questions... Whatever you like!

Thanks very much for your time and I hope I've interested you somewhat!


Boeing 747 Flyer (Jack)