Just asking to see if anyone can help?

I have identified an offset in PMDG which is the flag for the front passenger cabin door being open/closed, it is: 3367 = 0 (closed) and =1 (Open), I am going to interface using FS2Phidgets software and the Phidgets 0/16/16 interface board, to make my overhead door "Warning" lights come on.

I also note that in the PMDG Keyboard assignment list a "Key Combination" can be assigned to: "Doors - open other", which when done opens the rear Pax door along with both right hand side cargo doors (front & Rear).

However this operation doesn't light any more overhead warning lights, when this happens (although there are annuciators for this).

I have taken great pains to look through all, yes all the offsets and found that: 2A64, 2A65, 2A66, 2A67 and 2A68 all change values, when the 'Doors other' process is going though its paces, however all of these offsets end up back at "0", from were they started!

This makes things impossible to get the FS2Phidgets to use these offsets as a "flag" to show that the 'other doors' are now open, hopefully then I can assign them to more warning lights.

Long winded way of asking, but how does one allocate an offset to a particular action and or how can I make one of those offsets stay at (in the case of 2A68, it goes from 0-2-0), stay at 2?

Hope someone can help?