Hey guys,
Well I say bargin but it was actually a freebie.
A friend of a friend has a 16 by 10 foot shed that is in good condition, but they dont want is as he is changing the style and look of his garden, and buy chance he is "giving" it to me for absolutly nothing, a shed of that size would cost well over 1000 in the UK, its just over 6 feet high. Tonight the 24 slabs what it is going to be on have arrived also for free and all the sand and materials are for nothing also. Obviously I cannot go without giving somthing in return, but such a massive help and saving. The shed is solid, may need a little patching up and updated security but otherwise sound. As many of you know Im building a 744 pit and its just over 11ft at width, just over 8ft long and just over 6ft tall so it may just go in (height wise), may need modification to the shed (raise the roof 6 inches etc).

I have decided to go a little "OTT" with security, so I'm going to weld a steel frame for the door with some steel pins to slide into an external frame on both sides of the door with a steel door frame so it cant be ripped from the shed itself. Also an extra lining inside to stop anyone from smashing through the side. Was maybe thinking of an Infred sensor, but maybe thats very OTT.

Spose you can never be too safe.