Hi everyone,

I have a quick question regarding rotary switches. I am building a 757 cockpit (just the pedestal and overhead and not doing any Project Magenta or anything). I am using the PSS 757 and planning to simply assign my switches, buttons and levers through FSUIPC.

I was wondering if anyone knows whether or not rotary switches for items such as engine starts, APU, and PAX signs can be made to work with the PSS aircraft?

The reason I ask it because I know, for instance, the PSS has the assigment option to increase or decrease a switch and repeated presses of that key assignment will turn the switch. For example, I have my APU decrease key set as F7 and my APU increase key set as F8.

My concern is that for switches that have multiple positions, such as the APU with 3 positions, engine starts with 5 positions, etc, that I will not be able to set the rotary switch to correspond with each switch position. Does that make sense?

Has anyone tried to do this? I'd love input if you have some. Thanks!

Best Regards,