My computer and my flight sim will soon be in the same place.. I feel like Hawkeye Pierce (M*A*S*H) when he ordered the ribs from Adams Ribs in Chicago. Those old enough will remember that episode? He went through phone **** to get that sent to him. I really didn't do all that much work but.. I had lent my flight sim to my brother in Sudbury about 620 miles north of my home. In the hopes he would be able to see what kind of performance he got from it on his new computer. I was hoping to see that as well as I was there. However a family emergency happened and I had left leaving my beloved FSX behind. Turned out the emergency wasn't a big deal but I had been waiting some time as brother had then moved and I did too so all that has been taken care of. Now I have a new computer (better then my brothers hehe) and my flight sim is being flown (I love the irony) home to me. Should be here in my hands and promptly loaded into my new machine shortly after this Monday afternoon.

I'm tickled pink..