Hello everybody,
I have on the pc graphic card(Nividia Geforce FX5500) one TFT monitor as NO1 in Dual view and the CDU from opencockpit with the S-Video connector as NO 2 in 800x600 16 bit and I am using PM CDU software. Everything works fine, BUT I want to start the PM CDU software on the TV from the hardware to be diplayed on this screen. But it will always pop up on No TFT screen. I tried to put the PM CDU Icon on the TV screen and start the program here, but it will pop up as well on the TFT No monitor. Do I have to configure the Nividia in a different way? Or can somebody has an answer for this? I tried to ask the PM team but they do not support dual view, but say it is possible and I also looked out in the google , but no solutions for that problem anywhere
Thanks in advance