I know that most of you want exactly the real thing, but for testing or even at the beginning of your real thing project, you want to have an easy to handle and affordable solution. Therefore I am presenting you GaugeBook, a project on SourceForge developped mainly by a friend of mine.

You can find it at http://gaugebook.org and the corresponding developers page at http://sourceforge.net/projects/gaugebook/

It is a small Java based tool, capable of connecting to FSX via SimConnect. It is planned to ehance the functunality with a lightweight PFD and MFD. Right now it has basic instrumentation for GA planes and you can design your own gauges based on generic ones.

I hope you like the project and of course despite its name you can use it on notebooks or even desktop computers, too.

It would also be great if some of you would join the team of developpers.